Respect – "to honor and to show consideration and value to people." Every person has been created by God and has infinite value and that value is not determined by their size, genetics, makeup, income level, or skin color; it is based on the fact the God created them and loves them. The proof that all people are valuable to God is seen in the fact that God sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ into this world to suffer and die for men to pay their sin debt so they could be forgiven of their sins and be saved. Because all people are valuable to God, people should respect one another also. To show respect to others one must see the value in others that God sees them and treating them well even if they look, act, or believe differently than you do. As a born again believer, living in a world of diversity that is made up of different cultures, languages, races, religions, backgrounds, and lifestyles, treating people with respect honors your God and makes your world a nicer place to live. The Scriptures teach us to treat others with respect by seeing the value in others that God sees. (I. Peter 2:16), "Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king."

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