Meekness – "yielding personal rights and expectations to God which results in strength under control." Meekness is not weakness because it takes great spiritual strength and discipline to willingly place the reigns of your life into the hand of your Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ. “ Meekness has been described as "a fruit of the spirit, which is found on the soil of spiritual poverty, contrition, and mourning.  It is a noble flower which grows out of the ashes of self love, on the grave of pride.  On the one hand, the man sees his own utter ruin, his unworthiness and misery.  On the other, he contemplates the kindness and the benignity of God and Christ Jesus." Meekness is an internal character disposition of heart which sees it own misery and the abounding mercy of God that becomes so pliant, gentle, mild, flexible, and tractable, that no traces of its original ruggedness, of its wild and untamed nature even remain. (Matthew 5:5), "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."



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