Faithfulness – "loyalty, trustworthy, responsible, and persistent." Faithfulness is a quality or attribute applied in the Scripture to both God and man. In this lesson we are going to focus on "faithfulness as a positive character of Christians." The greatest thing that can be said about a Christian is, "they are faithful." According to the above definition, there are four main characteristics that prove the faithfulness of a Christian. The first one is "loyalty." Loyalty is "unswerving allegiance, dedication, devotion, and commitment to a person or a cause,  and the behavior demanded by it. Loyalty to God in the Christian life is demonstrated when your interests, desires, and priorities, are made subject to God's interests, desires, and priorities. In short, this means that when your interests, desires, and priorities, conflict with God's, you always choose to do what God wants and not what you want. Secondly, to be faithful means to be "trustworthy."  Trustworthy means, "worthy of the Lord's complete trust and confidence that you are dependable; you can be counted on to do the right thing, to make the right choices, and keep your priorities in a right balance." Thirdly, to be faithful means to be "responsible." Responsibility is defined as "a duty or obligation to satisfactorily perform or complete a task assigned by someone." To be faithful to God you have certain duties and obligations that you have to perform and complete. Among these duties and obligations are living out a clear, positive testimony of salvation, using you talents and abilities as God intends for you to, and be obedient to the teachings you receive from the Word of God.  Fourthly, to be faithful means to be "persistent" and "never giving up or quitting." To be faithful to God you must keep on loving Him, living for Him, and serving Him until the day that He takes you home to heaven in spite of offenses, disappointments, and difficulties that may come into your life. (I. Corinthians 4:2), " Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful."

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