(John 5:39), "Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me."

     The Bible is about Jesus. He is the principal person of the Bible. He is the central theme of the Bible. He is the hero of the Bible. And He is the heart of the Bible. You will find Him in every book of the Bible, either picture or prophesied.

     His birth as the Jewish Messiah and Savior of the world was prophesied by Old Testament authors. Their writings contain more than three hundred separate references to the coming of Jesus, with many unique details. In His first coming, Jesus fulfilled one hundred percent of all the Old Testament predictions of His birth, life, death, and resurrection.

     In His second coming He will fulfill the enormous amount of prophecies given in both the Old and New Testaments concerning the redemptive plan of God.

     Jesus is the principal person of the Bible so it comes as no surprise that we can find pictures of our Lord in every book of the Bible. You see, the Bible is a book about Him!

     In Genesis, He is the Seed of the Woman

     In Exodus, He is the Passover Lamb

     In Leviticus, He is the Atoning Sacrifice

     In Numbers, He is the Smitten Rock

     In Deuteronomy, He is the Faithful Prophet

     In Joshua, He is the Captain of the Lord of Host

     In Judges, He is the Almighty Judge

     In Ruth, He is the Kinsman Redeemer

     In I & II Samuel, He is the Great Priest

     In I & II Kings, He is the Almighty King

     In I & II Chronicles, He is the Great Historian

     In Ezra, He is the Rebuilder of the Temple

     In Nehemiah, He is the Rebuilder of the Walls

     In Esther, He is the Savior of His People

     In Job, He is the Living Redeemer

     In Psalms, He is the Shepherd, Refuge, and Rock, of our Salvation

     In Proverbs, He is the Giver of Wisdom

     In Ecclesiastes, He is the Great Preacher

     In Song of Solomon, He is the Lilly of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon

     In Isaiah, He is Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace

     In Jeremiah, He is the Maker of a New Covenant

     In Lamentation, He is the Man of Sorrows

     In Ezekiel, He is the Wheel Within in the Wheel

     In Daniel, He is the Fourth Man in the Fire

     In Hosea, He is the Lover of the Unfaithful

     In Joel, He is the Hope of Israel

     In Amos, He is the Husbandman

     In Obadiah, He is the Restorer of the Kingdom

     In Jonah, He is the Compassionate Lord

     In Micah, He is the One Full of Power, Spirit, and Judgment

     In Nahum, He is the Avenging God

     In Habakkuk, He is the Holy God

     In Zephaniah, He is the King of Israel

     In Haggai, He is the Desire of Nations

     In Zechariah, He is the Righteous Branch

     In Malachi, He is the Son of Righteousness

     In Matthew, He is the King of the Jews

     In Mark, He is the Servant of Men

     In Luke, He is the Son of Man

     In John, He is the Son of God

     In Acts, He is the Ascended Lord

     In Romans, He is the Justifier

     In I & II Corinthians, He is the Giver of Gifts and Foundation of the Church

     In Galatians, He is the Fulfillment of the Law

     In Ephesians, He is the Armor of God

     In Philippians, He is the Humble Servant and Exalted Lord

     In Colossians, He is the Preeminent One

     In I & II Thessalonians, He is the Coming Redeemer

     In I & II Timothy, He is the Lord the Righteous Judge

     In Titus, He is the Blessed Hope of Salvation

     In Philemon, He is the Substitute

     In Hebrews, He is the Great High Priest

     In James, He is the Giver of Good Gifts

     In I & II Peter, He is the Rock and Chief Cornerstone

     In I, II, & III John, He is the Way, Truth, and Life

     In Jude, He is the Advocate

     In Revelation, He is the First and Last; Alpha and Omega; Lion of the Tribe of Judah, He that was Dead and is Alive Forevermore; Bright and Morning Star; Beginning and End; King of Kings and Lord of Lords

     The Bible is a book about Jesus as our only hope of redemption; therefore the whole Bible is a revelation of Him. In our text above, Jesus tells us the Scriptures (Bible) testify about Him and in searching them we can find eternal life. And that eternal life can be found in Him.

     The Bible is God’s love letter to you and me that we might know His great grace and mercy that He has provided in sending His Son, Jesus to die on the cross to pay our sin debt and raising Him from the dead  so we could be forgiven of our sins.

     God longs to come into your heart and save you from your sins and give you eternal life. Will you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him into your heart if you have never been saved?

     If you are interested in being saved, please watch our "Soul Talk" video. Let us know of your decision.

                                                                                                             Pastor Allen Jackson


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